Power Generation on Biogas

Anaerobic digestion, which is a well-known and time-tested process, animal manure can be converted to methane-rich biogas and sludge, which is nearly odorless and useful as a fertilizer. Furthermore, the biogas is a valuable fuel that can be used in a variety of applications in which most important is power generation. It can be converted into compressed natural gas after a scrubbing process that removes carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas' greatest potential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, though, is as a substitute for coal in electricity generation due to coal's role as the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector. Using Bio gas genset is a very economic and environment friendly option.

MWM has got a very good range of Bio and Sewage gas Gensets with high electrical and thermal efficiencies. MWM has done number of projects in Power Generation on Biogas worldwide. GPIPL in close association with MWM has executed such projects in India on turnkey basis.