A new business line offering Uninterrupted & infinite Power back with Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) from one of the works leading DRUPS manufacturer M/s Euro Diesel of Belgium with Product Brand name as NO Break KS. This product not only offers uninterrupted & infinite power but also does the Power Conditioning of the Grid Supply by correcting the Voltage, Improving the Power Factor, filters Harmonics & eliminates the micro cuts.

The NO‐BREAK KS® is such a simple piece of equipment that one might think of it as a conventional generator‐set. It is made up of a Diesel Engine that is coupled to a Stato‐Alternator, via an Electromagnetic Clutch. The Stato‐Alternator is the combination of a Kinetic Energy Accumulator and a Synchronous machine.


  • Reliability
  • Monobloc unit.
  • Unique system, completely free of rings and brushes.
  • Absolute guarantee that the diesel engine will start using the kinetic energy of the accumulator should the conventional starting system fail.
  • Accumulation of kinetic energy before returning to normal service; this allows successive power supply failures to be handled.
  • Bearing replacement every 10 years.
  • Life of No-Break KS® System of at least 20 years.
  • A single unit to handle both types of load: critical and essential.
  • Service production able to cope with long term power supply failures.
  • Efficiency up to 96,4 % under full load which minimizes operating costs.
  • Small size and may be installed in an area without air conditioning and without anti-acid treatment.
  • Electrical control panel composed mainly of simple components (only 8 dedicated circuit boards).
  • Harmonic filtration and acceptance of deforming loads.
  • Elimination of micro- failures during normal operation.
  • Voltage stabilization at the terminals for the load.
  • Immune to up-line and down- line perturbations such as:
    • Short-circuits
    • Voltage spikes due to lightning strikes of operator error
    • Calls for current
    • Etc.
      • Automatic supply of reactive power, guaranteeing a power factor close to unity up line of the No-Break KS® installation.
      • Operation and maintenance can be carried out by a technician without any special training.