Euro Diesel

About Euro Diesel

EURO‐DIESEL is a private company established in 1989 in Belgium, whose main business activity consists of providing quality power solution and securing the critical power supply of businesses and institutions by the means of an avant‐garde Diesel Rotary UPS system. EURO‐DIESEL's business network extends worldwide through its subsidiaries and distributors. The company is ISO 9001 Certified since 1997.

Amongst many other factors, EURO‐DIESEL prides itself for having a loyal workforce that numbered more than 175 personnel today. It is the hard work of these conscientious men and women, whose competent skills and ideas, seasoned by time, unequivocally brought successful solutions to a significant number of projects. EURO‐DIESEL has more than 600 NO‐BREAK KS® working systems all over the world, securing over 700,000kVA worth of electrical power. Few customers in India are already using the NO Break KS from Euro Diesel.

Areas of Applications

  • Internet & Data Centres
  • Corporate IT Infrastructure
  • Banking sector and Financial Institutions
  • TV, Radio & Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industry
  • Semi Conductor & Other Manufacturing Industries
  • Road & Railway tunnels
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Centres
  • Airports & Air traffic control
  • Government Sector