MWM GmbH is one of the world's leading suppliers of highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems for energy production. The company, based in Mannheim in Germany, can drawn on over 135 years' experience in the development and optimisation of combustion engines for natural gas, special gases and diesel. With its understanding of the added value chain, its engineering expertise and its innovative ideas, MWM is a dependable partner who can develop and manufacture customised solutions for individual requirements.

With over 1,100 employees across 11 subsidiary companies worldwide, the company has focused on ecologically progressive solutions for producing "clean energy".

To this end, cutting-edge, high-performance products, services and technologies are being developed for decentralised energy supply using gas and diesel engines.

MWM is active in four market sectors: in the cogeneration sector, natural gas is used for energy production and MWM is able to provide optimum solutions for individual applications with its gas engine systems. The rapidly growing special gas sector includes biogases and flammable gases emitted during industrial or mining applications or in the extraction of raw materials. The greenhouse segment covers systems for heating and supplying energy for greenhouses as well as the simultaneous fertilisation of the plants using the filtered waste gas. Diesel engines continue to complement the gas engine systems.

We provide worldwide customer service for the installation, servicing and maintenance of systems. We also offer courses in our very own training centre.

The MWM can look back at a tradition lasting over 135 years which has always been accompanied by innovations. In 1871 the car inventor Carl Benz set the basis with the foundation of his "Mechanical Workshop" in Mannheim. Fifty one years later, in 1922, the company split up. The Motoren-Werke Mannheim AG, formerly Benz, "Stationary Engine Construction" evolved. In 1985 Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG took over MWM. Then in 2005 Deutz AG spun off a division known as DEUTZ Power Systems and then sold it to the investment firm of 3i in the fall of 2007.