Non Natural Gas MWM

Engines of MWM convert both natural gas and special gases into electricity, heat or cold. No matter whether it is mine gas, landfill gas, coke oven gas, producer gas. - the MWM gensets turn the raw material reliably into the desired energy. With the proven technology, MWM has done number of successful projects on coal mine gas, coak oven gas, Propane gas, Biogas, Sewage gas, Producer gas and landfill gas world wide.

Green Power in association with MWM provide engines and complete CHPC solutions for the production of electricity, out of the

Gas coming from the anaerobic digestion of waste water treatment plants,
Biogas from the bio-digestion of farming residues or landfills,
Synthetic gas / producer gas / wood gas (syngas) from biomass gasification processes or residual gases from industrial processes or mining activities.

MWM regards itself as an all-round partner that does more than just provide highly efficient systems and engines at affordable prices. We also provide expert consultation and customer service that enable us to develop integrated cogeneration / Trigeneration concepts for our customers in order to tap the full value chain associated with decentralized natural gas utilization. Our commitment to gas expertise provides our customers with lasting benefits.

We at Green Power has successfully installed more than 180MWe in India in close cooperation with MWM. 90% of the installed capacity is with CHPC scheme.


  • State-of-the-art 12 and 16 cylinder V-engines
  • Turbocharging and two-phase-intercooling
  • Single cylinder heads with four-valve technology
  • Centrally arranged industrial spark plug with intensive plug seat cooling
  • Microprocessor-controlled high-voltage ignition system
  • One ignition coil per cylinder
  • Electronic control and monitoring of genset operation through TEM
  • Exhaust emissions controlled according to combustion chamber temperature

Your Benefits

  • Package of favorable investment and low operating costs.
  • Low energy consumption thanks to maximum primary energy utilization.
  • Long service intervals and ease of service guarantee additional cost savings.
  • Efficient energy conversion with outstanding performance.
  • Two-phase-intercooling permits maximum power even when using gases with low methane numbers.
  • Reliable control and monitoring with high safety standards ensure optimum combustion and maximum engine protection.
  • All governing, service, control and monitoring functions are easy and comfortable to operate.

  1. Above outputs are as per standard ISO condition, NOx < 500 mg / Nm³ at 5% O2 dry.
  2. Minimum LHV considered 5 KWh / m³.
  3. The values in this data sheet are for information purposes only and are subjected to change.