Operation and Maintenance Contract

As operation of the plant is a critical component of the overall program The through life cost of running one or more MWM engines can be undertaken by GPIPL with a comprehensive O & M contract. This covers

1. Administration of the site.

2. Conduct of operations..

3. Equipment status control..

4. Conduct maintenances..

5. Trainings .

6. Follow procedures and documentations..

7. Consumables..

It also covers other day to day servicing and corrective repairs during and out of normal working hours plus all the associated parts and consumables to accomplish.

The advantages of having a guaranteed availability backed with MWM support are paramount in achieving the best performance. Scheduled servicing of the genset and heat recovery equipments are carried out in line with manufacturers recommendations and has the benefit of receiving component up grades as and when released during the lifetime of the contract. 

Each O & M contract is tailored to the customer s installation & need and available for up to 15- year periods or less. 

For lifetime care of your valued asset contact our service department to be assured of genuine after sales service.


GPIPL offers Annual Maintenance Contract covering number of pre determined visits in one year. During each visit, GPIPL inspects the machines, records the operating parameters with special tools and reports on the health of the machine / genset. GPIPL will give recommendations in terms of maintenance as well as parts to be kept for trouble free operation. These reports based on the Service Engineer?s visit are considered very critical in our Customer s Equipment Maintenance Management. Annual Maintenance Contract protects your equipment investment, machine downtime and repair costs.

To enhance the level of service provided to our customers, GPIPL offers services that provide quality, post-warranty authorized service for gensets and auxiliaries. Maintenance contract you will have the assurance of knowing that repairs will be provided efficiently and economically by trained MWM service personnel.