Power Generation on Wood Gas

Biomass gasification is basically conversion of solid fuels (wood/wood-waste, rice husk, agricultural residues etc.) into a combustible gas mixture normally called Producer Gas / Wood Gas / Synthetic Gas. The process is typically used for various biomass materials and it involves partial combustion of such biomass.

Biomass, such as wood waste, rice husk, etc. is considered to be greenhouse gas neutral because it contains carbon that circulates through the environment. Energy from wood waste reduces CO2 emissions by 95-99.5% for each MW of electricity generated, its also reduces sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions. Such renewable energy projects are promoted by Central and State Government agencies.

MWM has got Producer gas gensets with best electrical and thermal efficiencies. In close association with MWM, we at GPIPL provide complete turnkey solution for power generation / CHPC through Biomass Gasification process.